About Me

A self taught Information Security Researcher with a major in Offensive Web and Mobile Security Tactics.

I have 5 years of cyber security experience. Throughout these years, I have strengthened my skills and worked hard to make myself better.

Bootcamp trainer (Web security and Linux Fundermentals) for over 8 Universities in kenya.

Bug bounty hunter at Hackerone abd Bugcrowd.

Exploit-DB contributor (GHDB). Check out my profile

Bash scripting for automation.

Developed my own recon framework dubbed bioRecon framework that automates my recon workflow.

Available for consultations - I will help you secure your applications :-).


CTF creation (2021) - here

SheHacks-ke Wordlist For Going in Blind Presentation (2021) - here

Recon Methodology mention (2020) - here

Wosec Bug Bounty Presentation (2020) - here

Wosec Bug Bounty Session at The Atrium (2019) - here

Africa CyberSecurity Report 2016 - here

Kenya CyberSecurity Report 2016 - here